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Fair trade

Food advertising and marketing

Food and gender

Food and identity

Food globalization

Food industry

Food politics

Food regulation

Functional foods

Genetically modified foods

Hunger and food insecurity

In vitro meat

Industrial agriculture and factory farming

Junk food

Local food


Organic food






What is land-based fish farming? (2:03)

Exploring U.S. Aquaculture (3:53)

Aquaculture system promises eco-friendly fish farming future (2:56)

Aquaculture is changing lives in Bangladesh (4:57)

Aquaculture & Sustainability – Science for Environment Policy (4:38)

Ocean Forest - Sustainable aquaculture (2:13)

Norway’s Salmon Farming Crisis: Frontline (5:46)

Open Ocean Aquaculture (5:05)

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Fair trade

What is Fairtrade? (3:56)

A Day in the Life of a Fairtrade Cocoa Farmer (2:38)

Fair Trade: The Power of the Consumer (1:34)

Starbucks Fair Trade Case Study (2:15)

Fair Trade Coffee Infographic (2:10)

Fair Trade doesn't mean fair pay for tea workers in India (2:15)

Fair Trade not benefitting the poor (3:20)

Why you shouldn't boycott sweatshops or bother with Fairtrade (3:14)

Slavoj Zizek: First as Tragedy, Then as Farce (10:56)

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Food advertizing and marketing

eTalks - The Secrets of Food Marketing (6:59)

Food advertising's impact on obese children (1:35)

Food Ad Tricks: Helping Kids Understand Food Ads on TV (2:58)

Food Advertising & Marketing to Children (Association of National Advertisers) (4:13)

How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health – Marion Nestle (48:10)

Gendered Differences Seen in Food Advertisements (4:35)

Food, Advertizing, and Gender (4:03)

Bloomberg Businessweek's Ellis on Ethnic Food Marketing: Video (3:43)

Healthy or junk food? Busting food labels (CBC Marketplace) (22:25)

Science Of Persuasion (11:50)

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Food and gender

Gender issues in food and farming - An overview by Janice Jiggins (31:14)

Emily Contois on Food, Gender & Health in U.S. Popular Culture (5:39)

Gender Equality - Food security (1:55)\

Closing the gender gap in agriculture (2:15)

Gender equality now (3:03)

Cultivating equality in the food system | Danielle Nierenberg (14:03)

Gender in agriculture and rural development (6:57)

Gender inclusive research: Why and how (6:06)

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Food and identity

Food is not only culture, it's diplomacy: Leah Selim at TEDxGowanus (15:17)

How does food define identity? (3:20)

Cultural identities served with food (4:34)

Jamila about food and identity (1:07)

For Native Americans in Minnesota, food is a sign of oppression (8:40)

Food as Identity (40:22)

Kosher Food - more than just Jewish cuisine (2:21)

‘Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy’: Stories of Chinese food and identity in America (3:35)

Food, race and justice | Malik Yankini | TEDxMuskegon (15:16)

Vegan Food and Race - My Opinion of the Race Relations, Veganism, and Health (2:58)

Black Food Matters: Race and Equity in the Good Food Movement | Devita Davison | Change Food Fest (13:02)

Race, Racism and Food Justice: Advancing a More Equitable Food System in NYC (11:18)

Michael Twitty’s journey to Kosher soul food (3:13)

African American culinary contributions (w/Michael Twitty) (7:29)

The man (Michael Twitty) who relives slave history through food (5:55)

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Food Globalization

10 Companies that control the world's food supply (2:19)

Food Network Food Globalization (4:19)

How has globalization changed the way we eat? Jennifer Rubel (1:54)

How has globalization changed the way we eat? David Chang (2:37)

How has globalization changed the way we eat? Marion Nestle (1:20)

Globalization of big food and obesity (11:30)

The Locavore’s Dilemma: In Praise of the 10,000-Mile Diet (5:44)

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Food industry

Food Industry (6:01)

Sick chicken: the dirty truth about food and the UK’s poultry industry | Guardian Investigations (16:32)

Dirty Birds: A Story of Chickens in America | PBS Food (18:56)

Secrets of supermarket meat and fish: Testing the food you buy (CBC Marketplace) (18:06)

How the food industry is deceiving you part 1 (9:21)

Agribusiness, Food Processing & Technology Industry (4:50)

How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health (48:10)

The Rise of Fast Food Industry in the 1950s (11:44)

US food industry battles against regulation (2:40)

How Food Regulations Make Us Less Healthy (2:40)

How Millennial Consumers Are Changing the Food Industry (4:17)

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Food politics

Food politics: Who makes our food choices? Marion Nestle at the Nobel Week Dialogue 2016 (8:00)

Food Politics 2015: Q&A (17:03)

Inside the Underground World of Illegal Smokies: The Politics of Food (21:15)


How Food Can Be Used As A Political Weapon (3:05)

What’s Driving Corn and Wheat Prices? (2:35)

When Food Politics Get In The Way (2:47)

Food Politics (4:46)

Taking on the big food companies 101 -- food politics 4 of 4 (7:31)

Food industry "funding effect" (2:25)

How did food become part of American politics? (2:11)

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Food regulation

The History of Food Regulations (5:06)

Who Regulates Our Food? (3:04)

How Food Regulations Make Us Less Healthy | Learn Liberty (2:40)

U.S. FDA Food Labeling Regulations (3:45)

Complete News US food industry battles against regulation (2:40)

Top 10 FDA Regulations for Exporting Food to the US (15:01)

FDA's New Food Safety Law (3:46)

Food Regulation in the EU and US Compared (4:59)

Why We Testified Before Congressional Committee About Food Regulation (4:56)

Kosher: Private Regulation in the Age of Industrial Food (29:55)

New regulation requires businesses compost or donate old food (1:17)

Barratt Says Global Food Markets Need More Regulation (3:29)

The Regulation of Dietary Supplements in the United States, Donald A. Prater (19:01)

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Functional foods
Functional Foods Explained (2:55)

Functional Foods Explained (3:30)

Functional Foods Research for Good Oral Health (3:12)

Functional foods offer impressive perks to your health (4:07)

Functional Food | How Food Impacts the Brain, Body, and Performance | Russ Scala (4:29)

Creating Functional Food by finding bioactive peptides within ingredients – Nuritas (2:08)

Episode 4 - Do Functional Foods Help? (1:40)

A look into gut health and the impact of functional foods (4:57)

Functional Foods: Consumer Trends, Future Growth (3:39)

Functional Food, don't believe the hype! with Dr. Peter Swanz (3:15)

Functional Foods And Dietary Supplements (1:30)

Challenges of formulating functional food (2:31)

Capitaloneshort (8:51)

Agroceutical Products on BBC Countryfile (7:53)

What Is A Nutraceutical? (2:20)

Natural Medicine All Nutraceuticals Are Not The Same (1:31)

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Genetically modified foods

What Is a Genetically Modified Food? - Instant Egghead #45 (3:13)

How Are GMOs Created? (5:31)

What's the Deal with Genetically Modified Food? (3:10)

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) - Myths and Truths (6:38)

GM food and you (5:48)

Bill Maher Talks Monsanto, Genetically Modified Food (4:09)

Jeffrey Sachs Discusses Pros of Genetically Modified Foods (3:39)

Pros and Cons of Genetically Modified Organism (6:43)

Georgia Professor on Sustainability, Safety of GMO Crops (4:52)

Benefits of Food Biotechnology – Common Ground (1:56)

Genetically Modified Food Label Initiative Failing - Why? (6:08)

Should we embrace GM food? - Five-minute debate (5:04)

Should Genetically Modified Foods Be Banned? - Video by (2:52)

GMO Salmon What Next? Genetically Modified Food (1:28)

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Hunger and food insecurity

What is food insecurity? An explanation (1:38)

Food insecurity, how it happens and what you can do (2:59)

The American Food Disparity: The Story of America's 49 Million Food Insecure (31:42)

A Family Faces Food Insecurity in America’s Heartland | National Geographic (4:49)

You'd Be Surprised Who's On Food Stamps (4:18)

Hunger and Food Insecurity in America (2:44)

The reality of living a hungry childhood (5:08)

Facing Hunger in America (10:17)

The Zero Hunger Challenge - Food prices and the market (3:00)

Hunger and Food Insecurity in Canada (6:15)

Food by the Numbers: Feeding Our Hungry Planet | National Geographic (1:42)

"Understanding global food security and nutrition" (4:12)

Global Food Security 101 (1:37)

Solutions hungry world –Trailer (3:02)

More Food Doesn't Solve World Hunger, Experts Say (4:13)

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In vitro meat

Meat The Future (2:47)

euronews science - In Vitro meat (2:14)

How world's first test-tube burger was grown (1:46)

Is Lab Grown Meat Vegan? (12:48)

Anthony Bourdain's big problem with artificial meat (1:02)

Could Artificial Meat Ever Replace The Real Thing? (2:29)

When Fake 'Super Meat' Is Better Than the Real Thing (3:57)

Taste Test of World's First Lab-Grown Burger That Cost £215,000 to Produce (3:03)

Google burger: Sergey Brin explains why he funded world's first lab-grown beef hamburger (6:04)

Would You Eat Synthetic, Lab-Grown Meat? (2:48)

Bounty or boundary of beef: Mark Post at TEDxVienna (18:32)

HARDtalk Professor Mark Post Part 1 (14:46)

HARDtalk Professor Mark Post Part 2 (9:44)

In vitro meat: Would lab burgers be better for us and the planet? (4:51)

MARK POST - The Meat Revolution (20:17)

Can synthetic beef satisfy the world's growing hunger for meat? (6:29)

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Industrial agriculture and factory farming

Industrial Agriculture (11:29)

inDUSTrial agriculture (1:38)

Organic vs. Industrial Farming (GEO 206) (2:20)

What is factory farming? - Us and the planet (2:25)

Job Threat: Rise of Corporate, Industrial Agriculture in Oklahoma (1:53)

The hidden price tag of industrial agriculture: Karen Hudson at TEDxManhattan (11:17)

Interventions: Industrial Agriculture and the Shaping of the San Joaquin Valley (14:59)

Industrial Agriculture (1:05)

Antimicrobial Resistance | End Animal Factory Farming (3:05)

Agricultural Energy Audits (2:04)

What is the Link Between Omega-3s, Omega-6s and Industrial Farming? (1:50)

What are the possible solutions to environmental problems posed by industrial livestock production? (3:21)

What intensive farming means -- for the animals and for the environment. (BBC Countryfile) (9:03)

Factory Farms vs. Pasture-Raised Animals (1:40)

Factory Farming (3:21)

How We Will End Factory Farming (3:06)

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Junk food

Healthy or junk food? Busting food labels (CBC Marketplace) (22:25)

Why Our Brains Love Junk Food (3:28)

Why Does Unhealthy Food Taste So Good? (8:12)

25 Junk Food Facts That Might Convince You To Eat Healthier (6:21)

Unhealthy Food to Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight, Junk Food List (3:19)

Health Hazards of Junk Food -- The Doctors (4:57)

LA Ink- Addicted to Junk Food (2:17)

Fast food, Fat profits: Obesity in America (23:14)

The Science of Addictive Food (11:12)

Junk Food Disguised as Health Food! Unhealthy "Healthy" Foods, Nutrition | Mystery Grocery Bag (23:44)

The Link Between Junk Food and Depression (3:49)

What happens when you eat too much junk food? (4:37)

Mexico Bars Junk Food Ads From Children's Programming (2:20)

Why Junk Food Is So Cheap (5:44)

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Local food

Industrialized vs. Local Farming (3:50)

Industrial Vs Sustainable Agriculture (6:29)

The Local, Fresh Farming on New York City Roofs (2:20)

TruLeaf Sustainable Agriculture: Eat local anywhere (1:40)

Be part of CSA! - Community Supported Agriculture (4:59)

Community Supported Agriculture: The Benefits of Supporting Local Foods (9:30)

Q: What's a CSA? A: Community Supported Agriculture (3:54)

What is a CSA? The Farm, Woodbury, CT CSA (1:19)

Community Supported Agriculture: What to expect when you join a farm (3:31)

Community farming - it's not about food: Josh Slotnick at TEDxUMontana (14:28)

Community Supported Agriculture Work Party (1:13)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) | The Lexicon of Sustainability | PBS Food (1:44)

CSA = Community Supported Agriculture (1:57)

Talley Farms Day in the life of our CSA (1:43)

Running a Small CSA (4:42)

Urban agriculture business models (2:33)

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The silent epidemic of malnutrition | PBS (13:11)

Malnutrition: Meeting the Global Challenge (11:17)

Malnutrition (2:04)

Cycle of Malnutrition (4:24)

Child Malnutrition - What? How? And when to Refer..(3:12)

What is Severe Acute Malnutrition? (17:45)

Malnutrition: A Hidden Epidemic in Older Adults (5:13)

The Global Nutrition Report: Helping to End Malnutrition by 2030 (5:44)

Hunger and undernutrition: What do we know? (3:17)

Dr. Mark's Minute - Why Obesity and Malnutrition Go Together (2:05)

Obesity vs Malnutrition (2:45)

Hunger isn't just a stomach thing | World Vision (1:46)

Frequency and Indicators of Malnutrition in the Elderly (13:45)

Nutrition Tips: What Are the Causes of Malnutrition? (4:52)

Why Malnourished Children Might Never Recover! (2:34)

Malnutrition in Developing Countries (3:01)

Malnutrition in Europe (6:28)

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Organic food

What Is Organic Food? (2:26)

Is Organic Food Worse For You? (4:25)

Why is organic food so *#@! expensive?? | Ali Partovi | TEDxManhattan (13:11)

The Effect of Organic Food (1:34)

Why Eating Organic Is Better! (2:47)

How to know if fruits and veggies are Organic or not? 9 Great Methods (2:36)

Are Organic Foods Safer? (5:15)

Is Organic Food A Rip-off? | Compound Interested Ep. 3 (2:39)

Are Organic Foods Healthier? (4:05)

Is organic food healthier? (4:42)

Organic Food Production (4:10)

Should You Feel Better Buying Organic? (3:01)

The Future of Organic Foods (4:43)

What makes organic food better? | RMIT University (2:09)

Organic makes a difference – nutritional benefits of organic food (3:27)

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ChemMatters: Flavor chemistry - The science behind the taste and smell of food (5:05)

The Surprising Science of How We "Taste" Food | National Geographic (1:33)

The Science of Taste - KQED QUEST (11:13)

Why People Taste Things Differently (3:12)

How Do We Taste? (5:35)

How Your Taste Buds Change Over Time (3:31)

How Sounds Change How You Taste Food! (5:00)

Does Sound Affect Taste? Try it yourself – BRITLAB (6:16)

Loss of smell and taste | Causes | Home remedies for loss of smell and taste (2:25)

How Do Your Taste Buds Work? (Mr. Wizard) (6:45)

What it's like to have no sense of taste or smell (1:49)

Why Does Unhealthy Food Taste So Good? (8:12)

First Taste (2:36)

Tricking your Taste Buds: How Food Companies Reverse Engineer Flavors (2:17)

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What Is Veganism? (+ Why You Should Be Vegan) (11:14)

Top 5 Facts About Veganism (5:32)

Suz: Veganism (Thought Café Today) (4:05)

How to Go Vegan Overnight (5:33)

What Really Happens To Your Body When You Go Vegan (3:06)

How to Talk to Non-Vegans without Being an A-Hole (7:38)

3 Year Vegan Blood Test: Is My Health Ruined? (5:25)

Why Vegan? [NOT-GRAPHIC] (4:47)

Famous Vegans and Vegetarians (3:52)

Vegan Lifestyle is Morally Superior - Richard Dawkins (3:02)

The Human is Vegan: An Ethical Argument by Gary Yourofsky (41:44)

Basic Grocery Essentials for Beginner Vegans (1:59)

Vegan Nutrition: What Does the Science Say? (59:29)

Philosophers – vegetarians and vegans (5:42)

Texas Mayor Shares Secrets of His 'Vegan Town' With News 9, Oklahoma City (2:52)

Song a Day #810: Vegan Myths Debunked (3:03)

Whatever you Fear about Veganism, you will see everywhere! (3:19)

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What If The World Went Vegetarian? (3:47)

Vegetarianism // My Thoughts & Advice (7:10)

Why I'm a weekday vegetarian - Graham Hill (4:04)

Are Vegetarians Healthier? - Should I Eat Meat? – BBC (3:35)

10 Facts That Could Turn You Vegetarian (3:41)

Going Vegetarian Is A Healthy Choice (2:55)

Should we be Vegetarian? - Philosophy Tube (7:35)

Are Vegetarians Better for the Environment? (3:01)

Vegetarianism and the Environment (1:31)

Going Meatless, How to Transition to a Vegetarian Diet for Positive Health Benefits (3:53)

Vegetarian Diet Health Benefits - Oxford Study Reveals How to Cut Heart Attack Risk By One Third (2:40)

Vegucation - The History of Vegetarianism (English) (3:16)

Why Are The Biggest Animals on Earth Vegetarian? (3:59)

Problems Being a Vegetarian (4:41)

A Vegetarian Diet is Worse for the Environment Than A Meat-Eating Diet (4:52)

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